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Wind-Science - 13/03/2014 à 16:21
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If the UK manages to build 10GW-15GW of offshore wind by 2020 it will reach a “tipping point”, triggering a dramatic spike in the economic value the industry brings to Britain, a new report claims.
Wind-Science - 13/03/2014 à 16:17
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Composites Evolution’s Biotex Flax has been used to manufacture natural fibre reinforced turbine blades for a rooftop wind turbine at the University of Stuttgart
Wind-Science - 13/03/2014 à 16:06
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Vestas has received a firm and unconditional order for 72.6 MW from BWP Eider GmbH & Co. KG for their citizen-owned wind power plant in northern Germany 
Wind-Science - 13/03/2014 à 15:57
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AREVA has selected Schneider Electric as its preferred supplier of power equipment for its offshore wind projects.
Wind-Science - 13/03/2014 à 12:25
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Partnership established with Freyssinet to enhance Alstom's ability to provide higher towers to serve less windy sites.
Wind-Science - 13/03/2014 à 12:16
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 A turnaround story, a sluggish U.S market, and a surge in China cause a big shakeup in the ranks of wind turbine manufacturers, as compiled by new analyst reports.
Wind-Science - 13/03/2014 à 11:42
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Replacing Europe’s coal, gas and nuclear power stations with wind is key in the fight to conserve precious water resources and hedge against future power shortages caused by water-dependent electricity production, a new study claims.
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