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jeudi 18 juillet 2013
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Wind-Science - 18/07/2013 à 18:17
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 At the end of 2012, Brazil had 2.5 GW of installed wind capacity, enough to power four million households, accounting for 2 percent of national electricity consumption. In 2012 alone, 40 new wind farms came online, adding more than 1 GW of new capacity to the Brazilian electricity grid and creating 15,000 new jobs. This represents an investment of USD 3.43 billion (€2.63 billion), which is expected to increase to USD 24.50 billion (€18.8 billion) by 2020. Steve Sawyer of the Global Wind Energy Council (right) gives his opinion on wind energy in Brazil, the “country of the future”.
Wind-Science - 18/07/2013 à 18:07
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Ukraine added 18.32 MW of new wind power capacity during the first six months of 2013.