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Wind-Science - 07/03/2014 à 15:50
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The European Renewable Energy Council (EREC), which has acted as an umbrella lobbying group for various EU renewables associations for nearly 15 years, has been “forced into liquidation” due to unsustainable lease obligations tied to its Brussels headquarters.
Wind-Science - 07/03/2014 à 15:38
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Danish turbine manufacturer Vestas and developer EP Global Energy have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) under the Wind for Prosperity programme in a bid to bring wind power to remote communities in the Middle East.
Wind-Science - 07/03/2014 à 13:26
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It was the late Eighties and the company — FPL Group as it was called then — had lent money to some wind projects as part of a diversification strategy. It was a tough time for the nascent US wind sector, and some of those projects went bankrupt. To its great surprise, FPL found that it suddenly owned them. An even greater surprise was the realisation that it could make money from them.
Wind-Science - 07/03/2014 à 13:22
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Brazil's power regulator Aneel has authorized pre-commercial tests for 26 wind farms with a combined 583 nameplate capacity.
Wind-Science - 07/03/2014 à 13:09
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Italian renewables giant Enel Green Power (EGP) has completed the construction of the 30MW Sao Judas, its second wind project in Brazil, located in Morro do Chapeu in Bahia state.
Wind-Science - 07/03/2014 à 13:07
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Spanish wind turbine manufacturer Gamesa has tied up a total of 98MW of orders from two customers in Brazil.
Wind-Science - 07/03/2014 à 13:03
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Among the world’s three top nations in offshore wind power – the UK, Denmark and Germany – the latter is the most innovative because it has by far the highest number of patents in the industry, claims a study by Germanwind, a unit of wind energy agency WAB.
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