Alstom seeks to improve and expand offshore wind turbine offering
Partnership established with Freyssinet to enhance Alstom's ability to provide higher towers to serve less windy sites.

Alstom's partnership with Freyssinet aims to develop a 119-metre concrete tower specifically designed for its ECO122 wind turbine. This new tower will be made of 11 concrete sections, the lowest measuring 7.20 metres in diameter, for the base of the structure. Coupled with the MOU agreement previously signed with Max Bögl Wind AG3, to develop a 139-metre tower of hybrid design featuring a concrete bottom section and a steel top section, this new partnership gives Alstom the ability to offer its customers two high tower options for its ECO 122, suited to harness the stronger winds found at high altitude. 
Following measurements taken over a 2-month period on an initial ECO122 unit installed in Wieringermeer, Netherlands, the power curve of the wind turbine was measured and certified by ECN, providing tangible evidence of the machine’s efficiency, according to Alstom. The company has announced that the ECO122 model is now available in 3.0MW model, which will have a 6% higher yield than the 2.7MW version. According to Alstom, the high capacity factor combined with the turbine’s significant rated power make the turbine ideally suited for low to medium winds.
“By consistently investing in innovative wind turbines, we strive to ensure a better use of wind resources and a higher yield, regardless of wind characteristics," said Laurent Carme, Alstom’s vice president of platform & product wind onshore. "The new steps achieved today will help us to continue to provide our customers with more flexible and ever more efficient solutions."