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Wind-Science - 13/03/2014 à 16:21
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... Greater Gabbard is one of a quartet of UK offshore projects that came on line last year In December the government published its Electricity Market Reform “delivery plan”, outlining two scenarios for the end of the year 2020 – in which the UK has either 8GW or 15GW of installed offshore wind capacity. The difference in the economic benefits the two scenarios would bring to Britain is enormous, according to the new report, published by the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult. With 15GW in...
Wind-Science - 13/03/2014 à 16:17
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... Stuttgart University tests natural fibre wind turbine blades The blades were conceived, designed and manufactured by the Stuttgart University’s Endowed Chair of Wind Energy (SWE) after having discovered that Biotex Flax delivered the performance characteristics they were looking for. The team began designing the new blades in 2011 focusing on improving the reliability of turbines while reducing production costs. The aim was to design a new set of blades for the university’s 1kW rooftop wind...
Wind-Science - 13/03/2014 à 16:06
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... Vestas wins order for German community wind farm The wind turbines will be installed in the Eider region in Schleswig-Holstein with delivery of the turbines expected to start in the third quarter of 2014 and commissioning in the fourth quarter. The contract comprises supply, installation and commissioning of 22 V112-3.3MW turbines along with a Vestas online business SCADA solution and a 15-year full-scope service agreement. The wind farm will produce more than 190GWh per year, enough green...
Wind-Science - 13/03/2014 à 15:57
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... AREVA and Schneider Electric join forces to develop offshore wind power in France This includes in particular the wind farm of 100 5 MW turbines in the bay of Saint Brieuc off the coast of Brittany and the current tenders for the offshore wind farms at Le Tréport off the coast of Haute-Normandie and the islands of Yeu and Noirmoutier in Pays de la Loire (France). Developed as part of the offshore wind call for tender program launched by the French government in 2011, these wind farms...
Wind-Science - 13/03/2014 à 12:25
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... Alstom's partnership with Freyssinet aims to develop a 119-metre concrete tower specifically designed for its ECO122 wind turbine. This new tower will be made of 11 concrete sections, the lowest measuring 7.20 metres in diameter, for the base of the structure. Coupled with the MOU agreement previously signed with Max Bögl Wind AG3, to develop a 139-metre tower of hybrid design featuring a concrete bottom section and a steel top section, this new partnership gives Alstom the ability to offer...
Wind-Science - 13/03/2014 à 12:16
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... Vestas, the longtime number-one turbine maker which was dethroned in 2012 by GE, has retaken the top spot with just over 13 percent market share. Surging up the ranks for the No.2 spot in Make's list is China's Goldwind (just over 10 percent), illustrating the big rebound in China's wind market in 2012. Enercon (10 percent) and Siemens (8 percent) round out the top five grouping. Rounding out the top 10 were GE and Gamesa which slid to 6-7, followed by United Power, Minyang, and Nordex...
Wind-Science - 13/03/2014 à 11:42
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... Cooling nuclear stations uses huge amounts of water A European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) report, Saving Water with Wind Energy, shows that thermal and nuclear generation uses around 44% of Europe’s total water resources, primarily as a cooling agent. This water is calculated to be equivalent to the average annual household water use of 82 million European citizens — roughly the population of Germany. “Every summer thousands of Europeans face hosepipe bans, while water equivalent to...
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