Derniers articles Energy-science Energy-science Sat, 15 Mar 2014 17:07:51 GMT fr Institut de Recherche en Energie Solaire et Energies Nouvelles - IRESEN UK 'could reap $11bn offshore'

If the UK manages to build 10GW-15GW of offshore wind by 2020 it will reach a “tipping point”, triggering a dramatic spike in the economic value the industry brings to Britain, a new report claims.

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Stuttgart University tests natural fibre wind turbine blades

Composites Evolution’s Biotex Flax has been used to manufacture natural fibre reinforced turbine blades for a rooftop wind turbine at the University of Stuttgart

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Vestas wins order for German community wind farm

Vestas has received a firm and unconditional order for 72.6 MW from BWP Eider GmbH & Co. KG for their citizen-owned wind power plant in northern Germany 

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AREVA and Schneider Electric join forces to develop offshore wind power in France

AREVA has selected Schneider Electric as its preferred supplier of power equipment for its offshore wind projects.

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Alstom seeks to improve and expand offshore wind turbine offering

Partnership established with Freyssinet to enhance Alstom's ability to provide higher towers to serve less windy sites.

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Vestas Back On Top as Wind Turbine Installions Leader

 A turnaround story, a sluggish U.S market, and a surge in China cause a big shakeup in the ranks of wind turbine manufacturers, as compiled by new analyst reports.

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Deploy wind to save water, EU told

Replacing Europe’s coal, gas and nuclear power stations with wind is key in the fight to conserve precious water resources and hedge against future power shortages caused by water-dependent electricity production, a new study claims.

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Renewables will be the “mainstay” of E.ON’s future earnings, as the German utility continues its relentless cost-cutting programme amid sagging profits.

Dusseldorf-based E.ON today reported a net income for 2013 of €2.2bn ($3.1bn) – down 4% year-on-year – on an EBITDA of €9.3bn (down 14%).
That compares favourably to RWE’s full-year net loss of €2.76bn – its first in more than 60 years – and EnBW’s tiny net profit of €51m in 2013.

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Major Investors Join Over 180 Wind Energy Stakeholders at Dallas 2014
As major investors like Goldman Sachs invest sums of up to $40billion in renewables, it is critical that an effective asset management and data analysis strategy is implemented to ensure ROI.

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Vestas showcases leadership as wind power pioneer

A new campaign celebrates Vestas’ unique capabilities as first mover and partner in developing projects in 35 countries around the world, more than any other wind manufacturer.

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The new G114-2.0 MW and G128-5.0 MW stand out among this year’s offering.

The company is exhibiting its broad portfolio of products and services designed to lower the cost of energy at the trade fair

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Wind power on the rise in America
AWEA, the national trade association of the United States wind energy industry, has shared that wind power topped 4% of the U.S. power grid for the first time last year.

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North American Wind Farm Operators Talk Business
Over 52 wind farm operators will gather in Dallas to discuss and debate ways to enhance wind turbine performance, extend their asset’s lifetime and minimize their risk on O&M expenditure

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Canadian Solar opens Ontario factory

The first standalone accommodation platform for a wind farm off Germany will soon be ready for float-out from the Nobiskrug shipyard in Kiel.

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EREC 'forced into' liquidation

The European Renewable Energy Council (EREC), which has acted as an umbrella lobbying group for various EU renewables associations for nearly 15 years, has been “forced into liquidation” due to unsustainable lease obligations tied to its Brussels headquarters.

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Wind for Prosperity MoU in Jordan

Danish turbine manufacturer Vestas and developer EP Global Energy have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) under the Wind for Prosperity programme in a bid to bring wind power to remote communities in the Middle East.

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NextEra Energy entered the wind-power business by accident.

It was the late Eighties and the company — FPL Group as it was called then — had lent money to some wind projects as part of a diversification strategy. It was a tough time for the nascent US wind sector, and some of those projects went bankrupt. To its great surprise, FPL found that it suddenly owned them. An even greater surprise was the realisation that it could make money from them.

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Brazil oks wind farm start tests

Brazil's power regulator Aneel has authorized pre-commercial tests for 26 wind farms with a combined 583 nameplate capacity.

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EGP finishes 30MW Cristal phase two

Italian renewables giant Enel Green Power (EGP) has completed the construction of the 30MW Sao Judas, its second wind project in Brazil, located in Morro do Chapeu in Bahia state.

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Gamesa gets 98MW Brazil orders

Spanish wind turbine manufacturer Gamesa has tied up a total of 98MW of orders from two customers in Brazil.

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