Monde Energy-science Energy-science Sat, 15 Mar 2014 17:10:22 GMT fr Institut de Recherche en Energie Solaire et Energies Nouvelles - IRESEN New Battery Design Could Help Wind Energy Power the Grid

Researchers from SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and Stanford University have designed a low-cost, long-life battery that could enable solar and wind energy to become major suppliers to the electrical grid.

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Eoliennes de 10 MW : des choix techniques inhabituels le modèle ST-10 vise 10 MW grâce à l'allègement et la meilleure intégration des composants.
La société Norvégienne Sway Turbine a les orientations techniques de son projet d’éolienne de 10 MW.

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Vestas Releases New Variants of 3 MW Wind Turbine Platform Vestas has released  three new product variants of its 3 MW platform: the V112-3.3 MW, the V117-3.3 MW and the V126-3.3 MW.

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Vestas maintient sa position en tête de classement des fabricants éoliens Après 2 années consécutives dans les têtes de classement mondial du marché éolien,  les constructeurs chinois ont  glissé vers le bas du classement, selon une nouvelle étude faite par le cabinet danois Make consulting.

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Airbone Wind Turbine, éolienne aéroportée « Airbone Wind Turbine » (AWT) emprunte à Goodyear cette technologie. Mais c’est une éolienne aéroportée qui a réalisé, début avril, son premier vol test à Limestone, dans l’Etat du Maine, aux Etats-Unis.

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Un nouveau système hybride éolien - énergie marémotrice La société japonaise MODEC a dévoilé une maquette d'un système hybride innovant lors de la Wind Expo qui s'est tenue du 27 février au 1er mars 2013 au centre de congrès Tokyo Big Sight.

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GE Wind Tops List Of Wind Turbine Manufacturers In Global Market

US-based GE Wind topped the list as 2012′s top wind turbine manufacturer, according to a new report. 
According to preliminary data from B&M Navigant’s World Market Update 2012, GE leapfrogged past second place Danish company Vestas, largely on the mad dash to complete projects (helping GE Capture 15% of the global market last year) before the Production Tax Credit was originally set to expire by December, 31, 2012. Fortunately, the credit was extended for another year in January.

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Des pales de 100 m pour l'éolien offshore La compagnie Blade Dynamics développe une pale d’éolienne de 100 m de long pour le marché de l’éolien offshore. Plus grande que les modèles actuels, elle serait également plus légère et plus rentable. Retour sur un projet éolien plus performant que les précédents.

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GE designing lower-cost wind blade using fabric General Electric is developing a new turbine blade design using architectural fabric that it says could significantly reduce construction and assembly costs compared with fiberglass, and put wind energy on an equal economic footing with fossil fuels.

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Wind Industry innovations: Energy cost pressure stirs creative juices Challenging market conditions have sparked heavy competition and spurred a continuous flow of innovative solutions, ranging from complete wind-turbine designs to main components and intelligent systems. Equally essential for the progress of the wind industry are the small-step evolutionary advancements, which over the years have delivered many successful optimised product designs.

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Cost-cutting measures: Economic benefits of design developments

Improvements in technology, and the wealth of experience the wind industry now boasts, are playing vital roles in lowering the cost of wind energy

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Wind Market Moves to Maturity When can a new industry like wind power be considered mature? One sign is surely when it rises and falls in line with the global economy, indicating that it has left the shelter of state support and is starting to make its way in a less-regulated global market. BTM Consult's recently released 17th annual World Wind Market Update picks this transformation as a headline trend.

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market trends in wind generator selection

Permanent magnet generator (PMG) technology is mounting a challenge for dual-fed induction generators (DFID).

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IFRS for the wind industry (Ernst&young report) Wind energy is playing an increasingly important role in global and national energy markets. Governments around the world have announced strategic plans to embrace clean technologies as part of their long-term objectives.

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Changing a Gear: Gearbox Lubrication and Its Impact on Wind Turbine Lifespan

A smoothly operating gearbox is crucial to delivering a fully functioning, long-lasting turbine, itself vital if the wind industry is to achieve its forecasted growth.

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Wind Turbine Cabling Shapes Up Advances in testing and technology are enhancing the performance of the scores of power, control and communications cables on which each wind turbine relies.

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