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Wind-Science - 22/02/2013 à 13:12
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ACCIONA Windpower a lancé un nouveau  rotor qui donne à la nouvelle turbine AW3000 une performance supérieure  pour les sites faiblement ventés.
Administrator - 15/01/2013 à 10:26
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The UK Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) has appointed UK wind turbine developer Blade Dynamics to develop and demonstrate the technologies for constructing what would most likely end up being the world’s longest wind turbine blades.
IRESEN - 21/12/2012 à 13:24
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Siemens installed the first prototype of its 4MW SWT-4.0 offshore wind turbine at a Jutland test site for large wind turbines in Østerild, Denmark.
IRESEN - 31/10/2012 à 11:57
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Vestas is set to focus on the development and sale of low-to-medium wind onshore products, according to the company's chief sales officer Juan Araluce who was speaking about the launch of the V126 3MW turbine.
IRESEN - 22/10/2012 à 12:50
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The net cost of European wind power is up to 50% lower than that of its main conventional power rival, combined cycle gas (CCGT), according to a comparative study by financial group Ernst & Young (E&Y).
IRESEN - 14/10/2012 à 22:00
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Timbertower has completed the world's first wooden tower for a multi-megawatt wind turbine, which now stands 100 meters tall on the outskirts of Hannover. On October 10 and 11, installation is to be completed when the nacelle and rotor blades are added. The 1.5 megawatt turbine is scheduled to start producing power before the end of the year.
IRESEN - 12/10/2012 à 12:24
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Gamesa has been handed its first deal in Finland, a 117MW supply agreement from Finnish developer TuuliWatti.
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